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Where to buy premium roasted coffee beans in Hong Kong

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From rustic settings with second-hand furniture to modern and contemporary designs where skilled baristas pour the silkiest cups of latte, our small corner of the world is filled with an abundance of coffee shops. In fact, with new openings raining upon us, it is sometimes quite hard to keep track of how many there are out there.

Coffee is much more than latte art and fanciful, seasonal flavours. There are many factors that influence the taste of the drink, such as the level of roast the coffee bean goes through, the wash process, the altitude the bean is grown in, and the origin of the coffee.

All these factors should be taken into account when selecting coffee to be brewed, made at home, or consumed. Whether you are using a French press, boiling over a moka pot, or making pour-over coffee, having premium quality coffee beans in your disposal can impact the overall taste of your final drink, allowing for maximum satisfaction. For the connoisseurs, here’s where to buy premium roasted coffee beans in Hong Kong.

Local online coffee platform Mr Coffee was established in 2016 and styles itself as a one-stop-shop for all of your coffee needs. Whether you’re searching for whole beans, ground coffee, capsules, or even accessories, one quick browse across their site will have you piling up items in your shopping cart in no time. Among their stocked brands are well-recognised global coffee roasters like Lavazza, Segafredo, Illy, Dallmayr, and more, bringing the aromas of European coffee straight to your doorstep. Free shipping is available for all orders over $450 with a delivery lead time of two days within Hong Kong.

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