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Where To Buy Coffee Beans In Hong Kong

Posted by Roman Bissinger on

Looking to get your coffee fix from the comfort of your home? Here’s where to buy coffee beans in Hong Kong.

Fuel for the everyday grind. The cornerstone of many a morning routine. The complex, bittersweet beverage that changed the world. Yes, we’re talking about coffee! Although we may be far from Ethiopia (the birthplace of coffee), Hong Kong’s evolving caffeine culture means there’s plenty of spots for connoisseurs to stock up on coffee beans. Thoughtfully sourced from the premier coffee cultivating regions of the world and roasted locally, there’s something for every palate– nutty, fruity, sweet, and spicy flavours– and every contraption– drip, delter, syphon, filter, and beyond.

Whether you’re a budding at-home barista looking to elevate your java or simply a casual coffee-drinker with a penchant for DIY, here’s where to buy coffee beans in Hong Kong, along with machines, gadgets and more that will help you take your home coffee game to the next level.


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