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Kimbo Espresso Bar Extra Cream 1Kg (Whole Beans)

Kimbo Espresso Bar Extra Cream 1Kg (Whole Beans)

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Kimbo 's 'Extra Cream Beans' are always wonderfully received by consumers; this Robusta-Arabica blend of extra cream beans from Brazil, Central America and Asia is a medium roast profile. The goal of both full body, sweet-point of cream and sweetness acidity is perfectly achieved by Kimbo. Kimbo Extra Cream Beans produce a coffee that gives a superb crema and produces an excellent espresso base, punching above its weight through milk and excelling in Lattes, Cappuccinos and Flat Whites. This blend is the workhorse of the Kimbo beans range - strong and utterly dependable. Kimbo Extra Cream Beans is a must for all Coffee shops who want to add 'extra' to draw in customers who desire the perfect Latte and Cappuccino.

Kimbo 的'Extra Cream Beans' 常常受到消費者的好評; 混合了來自巴西、中美洲和亞洲的羅布斯塔-阿拉比卡特級奶油豆,屬於中等烘焙。
Kimbo 完美地呈現咖啡的飽滿度、奶油甜度和酸度。由於 Kimbo Extra Cream Beans 的咖啡品質十分高,
通常會用於Lattes, Cappuccinos and Flat Whites。

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