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Durgol Swiss Cleaning tablets

Durgol Swiss Cleaning tablets

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Durgol Cleaning Tablets - Cleans, Protects and Maintains Coffee Machines of All Types and Brands - Biodegradable - German Version - 1 x 10 Tablets

  • cleanliness for coffee machines of all types as well as thermos and coffee pots.
  • Hygienic cleaning: the material-friendly cleaning tabs remove coffee residues in the machine, which can lead to the accumulation of harmful micro-organisms.
  • Regular care extends the life of the coffee machine - for flawless performance of the device and unclouded coffee enjoyment.
  • Easy to use: whether fully automatic coffee machine or espresso machine - a pack of 10 tablets is enough for 10 applications. Ideally, the machine should be cleaned at least 2 times per month.
  • Box contents: 1 x 10 Durgol cleaning tablets for coffee machines of all types and brands, extends the life of the machine, includes instructions for all types of devices.