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Dallmayr Espresso Intenso  1KG (Whole Bean)

Dallmayr Espresso Intenso 1KG (Whole Bean)

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With Espresso intenso, you can enjoy the aromatic flavour of the South. High-quality arabica and robusta beans go through a long and gentle roasting process for this coffee speciality. The result is an espresso with character, making you think of Italy with every sip. Espresso Intenso guarantees an intense espresso experience with the typical flavour and aroma of dark chocolat.

A balanced blend of arabica and robusta beans

Typiccoffeerista_basey Italian: lively and intense, with strong roasted aromas and low acidity

A thick crema the colour of roasted hazelnuts

Enjoy as a pure espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato