Step 1: Find and remove the bean (that's me!) from the top of the packaging lid.


Step 2: Soak me in water for 24 hours.

Step 3: Plant me in damp sand (or vermiculite), draining any excess water.

Step 4: Once you see me germinate, carefully remove me from the sand and plant me in a 1.25cm deep hole in loam rich soil. Added manure and bone meal will make me extra happy. If you’re stuck then a light, porous soil will do. Place me flat side down and cover me with soil - but don’t press down too firmly, please. Placing mulched grass temporarily on top will help preserve moisture until I’ve fully germinated.

Step 5: Water me daily, but not too much or too little. I don’t want to die. A good rule is to keep the soil well drained but moist at all times.

Step 6: Now watch me grow.

 For TROPICAL COFFEE Coffee Capsules ONLY!