Mr.Coffee ESPRESSO BLEND (Small Batch Roasted in Hong Kong)

Mr.Coffee ESPRESSO BLEND (Small Batch Roasted in Hong Kong)

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This Espresso Blend is ideal for all Espresso based drinks (or straight up Espresso) but especially delicate when prepared with milk.

The coffee is characterized by a creamy body, with a sweet and balanced profile (light to medium acidity) and a thick crema.

The flavor of this blend is best described as nutty, chocolatey with hints of vanilla. 

Preparation: (suitable) for Espresso but can be enjoyed also as Pour Over, Drip, Cold Brew or Aeropresso

The Beans


  • Brazilian “Santo”, a semi washed Arabica bean, delivers a sweet and smooth profile, medium and creamy body with nutty aroma and hits of vanilla.

  • Colombian “Bochica”, a fully washed Arabica bean, brings in the chocolatey, medium acidity and creamy full body.

  • Vietnamese Robusta, delivers the caffeine kick we seek and provides a thick crema on top.

    The perfect all-rounder that will surely put a smile on your face.

Created with real passion. Enjoy better coffee. 
- Mr.Coffee

Size: 300gr

Roasted in Hong Kong.